Recycled Words

by Lectures

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released October 25, 2013

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Dagonz Audio Productions
Artwork by Mike Schons



all rights reserved


Lectures Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Recycled Words
Skin and bones I'm a nervous wreck
Recycled words but so accurate
I want so bad just to give in
But then, what kind of man would that make me
Nothing will ever come easily
Not when you want it to
Not when you need it be
So anchor your heels deep down in dirt
And pull and pray with all your worth
I was going through something
I was trying to figure out who I was
I didn't have much to offer
But I gave you what I had
Then you left me in a better place
A level head and drowned in grace
I'm not as hopeless as my demons would like for me to be
Skin and Bones I'm a nervous wreck
Recycled words but so humbling
Track Name: Anxious
I have these hands that won’t stop shaking
They won’t sit still not for a second
Call it nervous, call it scared, call it what you want
Doesn’t change the fact you’re falling and I’m frozen
To be honest I’m scared
We’re not okay but i hope to get there
I’ll say something I can’t give
Your anxious heart, oh God, I’m hoping
Will heal in time just say your okay
But I know its hard to form your lips like
Shapes and sounds that you just dont believe in
If you’re the anchor hanging around my neck
I wont cut the line I’d rather break my back
If you’re a sinking ship, I’m the captain
I’ll see you at the bottom
I can’t sleep
Because you’re the one I’ll carry with me
Track Name: New Years Resolution
I’ve lived and let be
I thought I found peace
I’ve been loved and let down
I’ve been all by myself
You can forgive and you can forget
But you’ll always resent the in between
Things are changing aint it a shame
We spent all night talking about things we’d keep the same
Always is a bold statement
A promise is trust in that
Let this be a reminder
Let this be a reason to believe
Maybe its me thats changed
I spent the past few months searching for what I thought lost
Im sorry for the things i took
Im sorry it had to be you
Its not just what you carry with you but its how you carry it
Its not that it doesnt get heavy
But Its just getting used to it
Im still getting used to it
Track Name: I Have Purpose
A girl too good for me, a God given purpose, still screaming out the window, "But, no, I don't deserve this" Leaning on a wall that keeps myself from forgiveness my hands made the concrete that keep me out while me head holds the notion it wont break down
Drawing a chalk line that keeps me from what I was, I can still see the blurred spots where I comprimisedthe man I want so badly to become with the flaws the wont stop shaking me
I caved in I felt the same as I did last fall
Im falling like the leaves again, Im finding direction in the wind
But I caved again
Then I spent the night alone with my lonely thoughts, they kept telling me lies i kept listening, "You're too pathetic to get your point across, you're too broken to ever be changed"
But im as clean, Im as clean as ive ever been
I caved in i felt the same as I did last year, Im falling like the leaves again but I found, I found direction
I have purpose
I have hope
Im not worthless even though my head might tell me so